Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Keep a tally

As we are saving up to purchase a new home, I have been keeping a detailed record of our monthly expenditures so that we have a very accurate figure for what we can afford, and how much we truly do spend each month. I have found this to be especially helpful in the grocery category. That is one of the few areas of most people's budgets that is not set it stone, leaving it easy to overspend. I have gotten in the habit of adding my total to the grocery column as soon as I get back from a shopping trip. Seeing the toal amount spent as we go through the month is helping me stay on track in this area.

What thrifty tips do you have to share?

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Anonymous said...

try to save a little. Once you build your coupon base, your in good standing! Good Luck :)