Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Embracing It

We live in the southwest and it is HOT here. We're talking 110 or more on most days throughout the summer. And summer lasts until mid-October. And I don't like the heat. Most years I complain about how much I hate it and count the days until we can go outside again. Makes for a long, miserable summer.

So this year, I am trying to embrace the season. Trying to join in with the rest of the country and their love of summer days. I am burning my summer scented candles - coconut, lemon meringue, etc. I am planning little summer - themed mini-parties for my girls ( although we have to do them inside). We have hit a few pools and splash pads, and hope to get to some more this month. I will be sharing a sponge-ball craft soon that will be a good way to have some fun while staying cool.

The shift in my attitude has really helped. It is August and I am still hanging in there! Embracing the season and trying to make the best of it works for me!

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Country Gal said...

You are so right about attitude! Embracing the season is so hard - but yet so rewarding! I have certain summer treats that we only enjoy when it's a certain temperature.

Molly said...

Mind over matter, right? Glad to read you're finding ways to smile and stay cool in this CaaRAAZY heat!