Sunday, January 25, 2009

Burpcloth Tutorial

When we had our first daughter, we spent too much money on uneccessary baby items. Like the first two packs of burpcloths we bought - some were so thin they barely absorbed a drop of water. Then a friend gave us a pack of large flannel burpcloths, and those were the way to go! They actually covered your whole shoulder - no more having to change shirts after baby spit up. Most of those have gotten lost since our daughter was a baby, so I decided it was time to make my own version. It is very simple and quick if you want to try it. All you need is a few yards of flannel to make burpcloths like these.


1. Lay out your flannel and fold it in half so that the printed part is on the inside, and you are looking at the backside.

2. Measure out the burpcloths- I make mine 17" long and 13" wide. This may seem huge, but it provides great coverage.

3. To sew them, just use a straight stitch (easiest on the sewing machine, but could also be done by hand)to sew the sides together. On the last side, leave a couple of inches unsewn.

4. Reach in the opening and turn the fabric right-side-out. Now you can stitch up the opening and voila! You have a burpcloth.

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