Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Potty Training - What works for you?

I'm having a reverse wfmw today - I need some potty training advice.

Princess 1 is finally potty trained, yay! But we still have one problem. She is currently using the little kid potty, meaning we have to empty it out all day long - yuck. We have tried two potty seats for the big potty and both are too hard for her to climb onto by herself, even with a stepstool.

How did everyone else enable their little ones to get onto the big potty?

Go here for more tips.

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Heidi said...

Congrats on the potty training achievement that's great! That was a looong haul for us and I was all prepared to send you a few links that helped our LO finally get there. Is your little one going to the potty all on her own initiative, or are you still reminding her to go? I didn't feel like my guy was 'officially' trained until he was able to go all on his own. He was on his own timeline for sure, but I'm just happy he figured it out one week exactly before his baby brother arrived! ;)

With your situation, it might be the case you'll have to choose what's more important to you at this stage:
1 - her being more independant
2 - not having to clean up after her

When we were encouraging our first born to use the 'big' potty we had a period of time where he just needed us to be there with him before he was comfortable enough to get up (and stay up without falling in, ha,ha!) sometimes this was as simple as lifting him up and setting him on, other times he needed the additional comfort of someone holding onto him - it didn't last long, he just needed some time to adjust.

best wishes!