Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - Oil Burner

I love to have a candle going during the day to scent the house and make a nice atmosphere. However, I'm usually disappointed that the candle does not scent the house thoroughly enough. I recently bought an oil burner ($8 at target) and a couple of oils. This works much better! The scent fills the house quickly and lasts throughout the day. Works for me!

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Rebecca said...

And another alternative is the low-heat candle warmer ($5 at Walmart). It looks like a little mug warmer, but it melts and wax in your candle (or scented wax bars, such as those bought at a Scentsy party) and is much safer than burning a candle.

Enjoy your oil burner and the wonderful smells it emits! And thanks, Amy, for your feedback on my blog about the Lasik you had done.