Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Works for Me - Costco Pizza

Yesterday I came down with a yucky cold. I am so miserable it is hard enough just to care for myself and my daughter, much less do any cleaning or cooking. So tonight hubby will be stopping to pick up one of the best quick and cheap dinner standbys I have found - a pizza from Costco.

Their pizzas are huge - 18" for only $10! You're not going to beat that at any of the major chains. And the quality is surprisingly good- not too thick, not too thin, and plenty of cheese. The topping choices are limited to cheese, pepperoni, or veggie but the convenience and the price are well worth it. So if you have a Costco membership and havent tried their pizza yet, give it a try for dinner this week.

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Anonymous said...

We're fans of the Costco pizza, too. We get two meals out of that and a big salad or a bag of baby carrots - fast, easy, and cheap.

SAH in Suburbia said...

We buy these pizzas all the time....well, I shouldn't say all the time but we've picked them up often because my kids love them and I can barely make a pizza for 10$. They are so great and perfect for birthday parties!!!!